January 14, 2011

Fibanocci Poetry365.12 What's Happening to the Sketchbook

 More pages from the Sketchbook.  5 and 6

 Sketchbook pages 7 and 8.
Sketchbook pages 9 and 10.

What I Learned in My Sketchbook

1   I'm
1   forever
2   the captive
3   of words.  Note
5   I said captive, not captor.

1   I
1   thought
2   I could
3   do collage, use
5   foreign postage, try alphabet stamps.

1.  It
1   isn't
2   happening.  I
3   started well but
5   the narrative caught me, this
8   narrative, mine, the one about Daddy's death and
13  crying when I met my new brother who is very kind and looks
21 more like my father than anyone else in the family.  And cancer; my cancer's in there a bit ("think of it
34  as a splinter") and the little dog who laughs and the big dog who plows the snow, and Amy who died. It's my persistent narrative, the one I will repeat in art, postcards, large
55 collages, sketchbook projects, photographs; and, now again, even words.
               For a long while, writing stalled. I wasn't so much empty as flooded with themes and phrases. Two years of art, textiles, touch, and we're reaching rapprochement, words and I, a space and time continuum where paint, fiber, charcoal, words all can serve the coming tempest.

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