January 1, 2011

Fibanocci Poetry 365 .1 New Year's Day

New Year's Day

1  Cat
1  Stephens
2  on my
3   mind.  "Morning Has
5   Broken" -- but is it morning
8  or the world itself broken this first day
13  of 2011?  Rumors of war. War itself. Strange weather.  Thunder snow.  Who ever
21  heard of thunder snow? My mother reported it first, five years ago, and last week it hit New York City.  And then
34. there's the Great Pacific Garbage Dump, which I documented in an assemblage for the Kentucky State Fair. Any fool knows the state fair is no place for radical commentary.  But I'm no fool. I
55  know if no one shows the truth then everyone running for office can deny, deny and we'll go on as we are, even though already by  now we should be able to say "as we were." In 1990 when I bought my house, the camellias bloomed at Christmas. Fourteen years later, they bloomed all year.
                                                         by Mary Cartledgehayes


rusvw said...

Loving this first of 365...Especially fond of #55's words ("...can deny, deny and we'll go on as we are..."). Nicely done.

Mary said...

Thanks, Rus. The unexpected occurs when I'm counting words instead of thinking them. And congratulations on your new 365 project. xxoo