December 28, 2010

The after Christmas rush

We went to  Ohio for Christmas, taking both Laramie and Koko along.  Laramie sat on my lap  the whole way.  We let down a part of the back seat and spread a blanket across the back of the Jeep, and Koko alternately slept and peered over Michael's shoulder to help him drive.

We stopped on the way to my brother's on Christmas Eve to see Mother. 

The dogs investigated everything, and Mother gave Koko a headband she made in one of her craft groups.  I love the top she has on with the pretty birds; she hates it and fussed all evening that it didn't fit right.  I was going to haul it off the next day, but it had already gone to  the laundry before we got back to see her.

Mother wearing her new feather boa on Christmas Day.

My brothers (Charlie on the left, Douglas in the red sweater) looking for a volunteer to take photos of us.  (Michael was taking a nap and keeping Kitty from taking Laramie apart piece by piece in case he took a notion. Laramie was crazy interested in Kitty. Kitty turned into a real live caricature of the back-arched, fur-straight-up, wide-mouthed Halloween black cat; my, how that cat can hiss.  Laramie decided to admire her from afar.)

What a darling family!

And we're all smiling!  I'd just looped the boa over the top of Mom's head, and she was tickled.  I meant to have bangs that day but my glasses were on top of my head.  As some of my daughter's friends say about her, we don't have foreheads; we have fiveheads.

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