October 12, 2010

What happens when you bring paint pens to a party

Update:  I flew into the post office at 5:54 and the throw is now on its way to Mother.  I also included a Halloween card, a pair of Halloween socks, and a headband with little orange weird guys dancing at the end of springs. What a great package!  So glad to have it on the way.  AND in a fit of memory I added Mother's name to the piece, once on the front and three times on the back so there's no question about to whom it belongs.
 I posted after my surgery in April about the stupid fleece blanket with the creepy Jesus prayer about being afraid -- which I wasn't, and if I wanted to talk to Jesus I'm perfectly capable of doing so; and on the form that asked my religion I put None -- so I was offended by the blanket while also tantalized by its wonderful weight and hand.  After radiation, though, I gave it to Laramie to sleep on; and then this summer when the family was going to Ohio I had a brainstorm.  I cut off the long strip on the Jesus side, leaving a perfectly respectable blankie; and then I gathered up all of my permanent ink textile pens and took them and the blanket with me.  I got everybody to sign it, and there are even a few pictures, and the miracle print of Brody's hand, because have you ever tried to hold down the hand of someone ten months old?

 So all along through the evening people were drawing their hands and identifying the handprint.  The range of the art is lovely; even within a family everyone interprets a task in their own way.

 Above is Brody's handprint.  His fingers are neither pointed nor squared off nor half missing; we were simply working really, really fast.

The plan all along was that this blanket would be Mother's. It's the ideal size for her bed, and we can write her name all over it so it won't get misplaced.

 Lots of things are different since July. Lots of water under bridges. But the current is what matters; and the current running across this blanket is one of love and togetherness and peals of laughter and admiration -- Ooo, she put a heart --- Ooo, look at the ring --  Ooo, somebody drew a horsie -- Ooo, stop complaining and draw your hand like I told you.  There have been some changes, but Mother can sleep soundly, blanketed under the love of so many.

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