October 20, 2010

Mine! And you can't have it!

 A few days ago, someone dropped an apple core and a whole apple about twenty feet away from our apartment.  That night, Michael took Koko for a late walk. On the way out, they passed the apples and then did a wide loop and circled back to the house.  They'd been inside a minute or two when Michael said, "Look at that!" (to me) and "You little sneak!" to Koko.
Koko snatched up the apple as they passed it by. I assume he'd spent the afternoon deliberating on how best to do so. He's had to leave enough possums and squirrels outside that he knew a different strategy was required.
Not only did he get the entire apple inside his mouth, but he curled his lips around it so Michael wouldn't know he was carrying it...
 until he got inside the house and began feasting.
 "Can dogs eat apples?" I inquired.
"Apparently this one can," said Michael.

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