September 23, 2010

Good kitteh, shitteh kitteh

I went to the good quilt shop in Mid-City Mall last weekend to see if I could find more of this fabulous fabric, which I called on facebook green psychotic kitty fabric.  Somebody (Jennifer in Kentucky) asked if it was made out of green psychotic kittehs.  Yes, she's a writer, and, yes, we're all anal in the same way.

I said no but that would be interesting except for the lumps that were once their heads, which would be tricky to sew.

The fabric store had no green kittehs, which didn't surprise me, because the green ones sold out in September last year, all over the country.  They did have orange psychotic kitteh fabric, but I still have some of that and it's just not as wonderful.  Unless maybe you're a Clemson University fan, and there's nothing I can do to help you there.

I checked the website, and this fabric is no longer in their line, so what's out there is all you'll find of this great treat. The fabric is Scribble Monsters -- designs by Leere' for Clothworks (tm).

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