August 11, 2010

Upcycled Art larger than 12" for State Fair competition

I've been working on this for two days, and it's completely finished except for deciding whether it's a nicely decorated sofa table or a jewelry box.

Early ideas and also tools


Assistant supervisor (you can see Laramie's head peeking over the top of the table).  Behind the piece you can see my other idea, which was to create a mannequin using empty cable reels, a vintage dress pulled out of a trash can, a cheap badminton racquet head, and for hair a piece of what seems to be fur that my mother gave me years ago.  I was going to decorate the dress with words.

Tomb of the Unknown Litterbugs.  Boring.

Altar to Stuff Nobody Needs Any More


Variation 2

Jewelry Box Variation

Different angle of Jewelry Case.  If I go with this design, I can get rid of about two dozen small lengths of dangly bead ribbon trim.

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