August 17, 2010

Miller's Ferry to Middle Bass -- and my dad circa 1959

Doug Cartledge circa 1958.  He looks so thin and young.  His facial structure reminds me of Devin in this shot.
In the words of Cornelia in a quite different circumstance, "these are my jewels."  Except Laramie.  Laramie's more like a gemstone.  Or a piece of gravel.  Cornelia is a favored woman in Ohio; I've posted separately a photo of her atop a statue of seven of Ohio's favored sons.

I'm either contemplating or asleep.  Laramie is trying to decide where the party is.

You know you're getting close when you spot the winery tower.  This year, and permanently, it is overpowered by a new water tower constructed in the middle of the island.  Word is that the State of Ohio, which owns much of the island as public park, paid an architect several hundred thousand dollars to design a water tower that resembles a lighthouse.  Rather, it resembles a glaring white phallic symbol. Being in the center of the island contributes to its strength as a focal point.  So thank you, Ohio, for making one of your first actions on the island the destruction of its native beauty from a distance.

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