August 12, 2010

Another Way the State Fair Contributes to the Community

While I was yanking the board that would become the tabletop in my Upcycled Art piece out of the Dumpster, I noticed a box with some junk in it, so I pulled it out, too, thinking I could always glue the pieces to the artwork if I decided to call it a sofa table.  Thus I rescued these three interesting pieces of history -- or of garbage, depending on your outlook.

Here's what I found:

Large wooden bowl to use on the project.

Lovely piece, yes?  Pewter, you think?

When have you seen such gorgeous peonies?  The pitcher is 9 inches tall.

Note on the bottom of the pitcher. How many generations do you suppose it took for this piece to move from being treasured to being trashed?  If I'd been an hour later, it would be in a landfill rather than on my mantle.

I think that rather than resolving the global warming crisis we will instead lose coastlines and civilizations and communities and plant life and animal life -- as well as millions of human beings.  If we're comfortable tossing valued family items into a Dumpster rather than -- oh, let's say giving it to the Salvation Army, I have no reason to believe we're going to stop any of our other habits that are killing the globe.  Perhaps once Washington D. C. and Charleston, SC, and Los Angeles are under four feet of water, change may come; but between now and then plan on radical losses.  The banks and pharmaceutical companies will, I am certain, survive.  They always do.  It's the rest of us who are at risk; and all of us who are at fault.

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