July 6, 2010

The secret of flea medications

Say hello again to Hoddie, the formerly dying Chihuahua who got a clean bill of health from the vet on Monday.  A week or so ago blood tests revealed a cancer that prevented her blood from clotting, and the vet also showed Jennifer the large tumor in the dog's mouth.  He said they could take her to an animal hospital emergency room immediately for chemotherapy, pay $7000, and end up with the same inevitable result:  a dead dog.  So they took her home and babied her and watered her with tears and alternated the small quilts I'd made for her and Larry, swapping them out every time she sneezed a storm of blood everywhere.

She was sick every single day last week, and then Sunday she wasn't quite as sick, and then Monday the tumor was gone and her blood test results were normal.  Her vet, who is in his mid-70s, said he's never seen such a thing before.

I don't believe in miracles, and if I did this situation would infuriate me, because the world is full of human beings who need a real live miracle more than Hoddie, no matter how dear a dog she is. I believe in bio-chemistry, and the steroids that invigorated her enough to eat again and allowed enough time for the toxicity to get out of her system.

The vet still doesn't think the flea product Jennifer used caused the problem, but he did tell her the difference between bobo brands and the expensive ones. The cheap products leave out the ingredient that inhibits the chemicals from entering the dog's blood stream. And that, we believe, is what combined with Hoddie's particular body chemistry to nearly kill her -- "nearly" being the critical word.

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taxlady3 said...

I have been telling people for YEARS that the chemicals in flea meds are
dangerous!. There's a reason they will only give your pet one shot per year
to help their "summer hotspots" which are caused by flea allergies.

1n 1978 I moved to San Felipe, Baja California. With me was John Dog. He got
such bad hotspots we had considered euthanasia, because the vet couldn't
stop the problem and John Dog was soooo miserable. My parents' place was
right on the beach, and there was a pack of local dogs who ran the beach
every day. I realized that none of these dogs had any fleas. Not one. The
dogs would run for a while, turn and run into the water, then come out and
wiggle on the sand. They did this 3 or 4 times a day. My dogs joined them
and within 2 weeks John Dog's oozing sores were completely healed, and all
his fleas were gone.

When I moved back to San Diego, I tested this out. I continued taking the
dogs to Dog Beach, letting them swim in the salt water - the fleas stayed
gone. I told a friend who had fleas in her house (3 dogs) to quit using the
flea collars and especially the flea shampoos and start giving her dogs salt
water baths. She made the bathwater salty like the ocean and didn't use any
soap and didn't rinse the dogs. All the soap does is wash away their own
natural oils which contain very effective flea repellent. In the house, she
sprinkled table salt on her carpets, furniture, anywhere the dogs had been.
She waited 20 minutes and vacuumed. When we looked in the vacuum bag, we
found 1000's of dead fleas! Everyone I have told about this that has tried
it has gotten the same results. No more flea collars, summer hotspot shots,
flea shampoo, flea bombs. And no more miserable dogs. I have asked many vets
if they know about this, and not one did.

Try it. I've never seen this NOT work. I would assume it also works for cats, if you can get them into a salt water bath!