May 9, 2010


I'm eleanorroosevelting today.  In case you aren't familiar with the term, I read in a biography years ago that she believed the path to organization is to touch each piece of paper only one time.  I'm following in her fingertips today.

Luckily, I had piled a bunch of mail art near the computer, so I'm getting to post pretty things on my other blog before I turn to the filing and income tax stuff that still awaits.  But let's face it.  Things have been rugged ever since the day after Thanksgiving (or maybe I mean 2008), and this is the first day I've felt capable of SCANNING again, let alone making a plan.

I thought I had an Eleanor Roosevelt stamp in my collection, but a skim through the notebooks didn't turn her up.  Instead, I found this pretty stamp picturing another woman who, I feel sure, didn't spend time dithering over pieces of paper but got on with the work.  Amy and I sold the memorial poppies when we were children and, if memory serves, the funds collected went to help veterans of our nation's wars.

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