March 6, 2010

Enough of this

The sun is shining, and my emotions are flip-flopping like mad.  I started on thyroid medication yesterday (hmmm; turns out my lethargy wasn't a character flaw after all), which is like having a new baby in the house -- take it on an empty stomach with a full glass of water, eat nothing for the next hour, and consume no calcium or iron for the next four hours.  So no cereal, no milk, no toast, no cream in my coffee.  What do people eat for breakfast if not cereal?

I've also got a little weirdness for which the doctor is recommending a biopsy, so my schedule for next week is screwy. Was planning to go see Mother on Monday, but the doctor visit is Tuesday, so that makes it Wednesday.  Which means I can get my oil changed on Monday. (It's been on the list a while.)

The biopsy deal on top of my dad's death has me pissed off. I'm thinking of going to that website where you can print your own fabric and designing some that says "F#@% cancer." Then I can order myself a group of fat quarters in various colors and make quilts for my friends.  (It's been a tough year; lots of people very close to me have experienced cancer battles.)  Enough namby pambying; time for a little ass kicking. Or maybe I should do a series of fabrics depending on the illness.  Skeletons on red for multiple myeloma (a disease of the blood that destroys the bones). Pink mountains for breast cancer.  Vintage bathing beauties for skin cancer.  But you'd still need the "F&$@ cancer, "wouldn't you, just for the fun of it.

Anyhow, I've been thinking all day about creating happiness, and at last have concluded that taking Koko to the river to explore is the most fun thing I can possibly do today.  If I can get him into the Jeep, that is. He's resisted riding ever since he experienced the snowbanks taller than he was in Ohio.  Stay tuned for photos.

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