February 25, 2010


My father grew up in Tideswell (Tidsa to those in the know), Derbyshire, England.  Here are some aged postcards I found in a notebook a few weeks ago.

Miller's Dale near Tideswell

Tideswell Church, also known as the Cathedral of the Peak.  The houses on the right are decorated for Wakes week.  In Tideswell, the well dressing takes place on June 24, St. John the Baptist Day and my best friend's birthday.

Tideswell is known for its blue john mines, so I'm adding a link so you can see this lovely mineral.

My father's uncle, Norman Gregory, owned a shop in Tideswell for years.  On the map to the shop, you can also see Alma Road, which is where my grandparents lived.  I think Uncle Norman had a wooden leg. He also taught my father that gracious old nursery rhyme, "The queen of hearts, she made some farts, all on a summer day," which gained him a paddling when he returned home and recited it to Grandma.

 Mosey on over and see the photos of a decade worth of well dressings.  These pictures, made entirely of live plants, preceded the Rose Bowl parade by centuries.  Click a year to see the photos.

Finally, if your Peak District linen tea towel has worn out, as mine has, I've found the location where you can get its  replacement.

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