February 6, 2010

Randomly speaking

Koko and I were going to search for my compadre's postcard Valentine today (the one I dropped en route to the post office yesterday), but three inches of snow fell over night, so it's buried somewhere.  Ever the optimist, I'm not giving up on it wending its way home. It shouldn't fall apart, because one side is fabric and the other was covered with strapping tape.  Except for the stamp.  If the stamp falls off, it'll never get back here. 

Last night it appears I slept standing on my left shoulder.  I woke up unable to move my arm without yelping in pain.  Ibuprofen and a heating pad for three hours got me up and moving, and I'm able to type without pain, but I'm not lifting anything with that arm, including coffee cups and magazines.

Today is my parents' wedding anniversary.  Are you ready for this?  67 years.  Rock on!

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