February 5, 2010

I suppose you're wondering about Jim

My friend Jim went back to work on Tuesday.  He can't drive for a few days yet, so Mary Flowers is taking him to work and someone else is bringing him home from the site.

Here's our recent history, in text messages:

Sunday from Mary, 1:31:  We made it home.

Me, 1:33:  Hurray!  I know he pleased

Me, 1:33:  And u nervous

1:35:  No not with pacemaker

Me, 1:36:  Oh, good.  those things really work huh?  what a relief

Me, Monday, Feb. 1, 9:30 pm:  How r u?

Mary Flowers: Really tired now doc appts all week

Me, 10:23:  Just when u think u can relax u find out:  no rest.  today fred's birthday

10:26:  Oh shoot a monkey

Me, 10:26  If i had one i would

10:28:  Hell i'll go get one

10:29  That's why I love u

10:32:  I am all for taking some kind of action right or wrong

Me, Tues, Feb. 2, 12:10 pm:  I just had chocolate frosting for breakfast

12:12:  Oh good  i just ate the last brownie

Me, 12:12:  It's a tie!

12:13:  And we both won

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