September 10, 2009

September 11

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the U. S. I plan to do what I've done since the beginning: walk away from the television, turn off the radio, shield myself from the chatter, gratuitous and otherwise, that surrounds the day.

We are not compelled to participate in the public spectacle that surrounds that day's events, and I will not.

However, I will mention that Charlie Sheen, whose acting I enjoy, has lost his mind if he believes (as he says he does) that the United States staged the attacks in order to weaken our constitutional protections. I think George W. Bush took advantage of the disaster to eliminate as many freedoms as possible and to weaken our tripartite structure of government, but to carry out a systematic attack on his own country? No. No matter how much conspiracy theorists want it to be true, it simply isn't.

Sorry, Charlie. Here's where we part ways.

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