April 23, 2009

The Joy of Blogging

You take a little vacation and you complete a book proposal; then you look around and go, "Wow! It's been a month since I blogged!" Many good things have happened, including a week with my compadre's teenage sons with us for spring break. I haven't heard that much laughter shaking the rafters since the last time my daughters and I were together. They'd lovely boys with beautiful manners, and we hit two of my favorite places: the Louisville Slugger Factory and the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts.

After a quick trip to take the boys home and have birthday cake to celebrate Joe's birthday in Seneca (he's now 13), we scurried home so I could get back to work on the proposal for the book. It's changed shape and size and dimension and theme and intention over the last few months; and I'm amazed at how enriched our understanding of themes is now. I'm less and less drawn to anything to do with spirituality but more and more drawn to how love is shared and grown and kicked aside and gathered back up and planted and harvested and exhibited and observed. The latter, as it happens, is an incarnation of the former, but so is everything from watching one of Mel Gibson's melodramatic incursions into religious history through doing yoga to lose weight. Once a word means everything, it means nothing.

The proposal went off on Tuesday, and I'm getting back into shape here. I cleaned out the closet and mopped the floors, which must mean the current drug combination is working. I got an extension on income taxes, which I somehow only every manage to do when the IRS owes me money -- how silly is that? I've received some scrumptious mail art in recent weeks that I'm gradually adding at It's Only a Book; but my scanner (the one I dropped a cup of coffee on top of last year) is operating in slow motion this week, requiring an exhibition of patience that takes a lot of energy.

I've got some great shots of a possum moving from wide-eyed into a catatonic state that I'll be posting soon. If wildlife's not your forte, I've also got some fine tulip photos to post as well.

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