March 12, 2009

Weeping Willow

Weeping willow is another kind of greenery that brings the island back to mind. Florence and Leslie Bretz(who owned vineyards, a collie that might have been named Lassie, a pasture with cows, and Bretz Winery)had a weeping willow between their house and barn. When I stood under the tree and walked out into the sun, the branches floating past reminded me of a wedding veil.

I tried it again today. They still do.

Another weeping willow, much larger than this one, grew beside the pond up the way from where I live. It fell when Louisville got the hurricane's tailwinds last fall. Each time I approach the pond, I see where it isn't. The same thing happens all over the city; on I-64 heading toward the city, there's substantially more sky than there was a year ago. I've read that in the 1973 tornado Cherokee Park lost all of its trees. Recent damage to trees doesn't compare to that event, but losing trees 60 feet tall is always regrettable.

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