March 13, 2009

Friday, Friday, can't trust that day

It's Friday, with all of the accompanying "who did what with the week?" drama. I've got clothes in the dryer that somebody washed three days ago and forgot to transfer -- am discussing with Koko how he can not possibly want to go for another walk already -- finishing the final chapters of the five books I've been reading -- paying the bills -- and daydreaming over the new projects Deb Engle and I are putting together.

One of those projects is a new book idea we've been kicking around ever since I came up with a fabulous title while in the library two weeks ago. We're not ready to share it yet, but this morning Deb came up with a brilliant subtitle: "Finding Grace in the Tough Times." Not only does it mirror the book's content but it also tips its hat to our earlier work/focus, specifically Deb's Grace from the Garden and my Grace: A Memoir. We're ready to rock and roll with this project.

We're also on fast forward with our speaking / workshops platform. When I told Deb yesterday that I'd condensed the labels on this blog, she said, "And there's your speaking content: nature, the arts, and zombies." So now I'm working on slant, which at the moment I can reduce to "I'm for all three of them."

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