February 12, 2009

the little dog laughed

--Oh, dear. The announcement about Marie Davis's new book is too small. I'll figure out how to make it larger, but meanwhile I've found that if you click it gets larger and if you then squint it's big enough to see!--

Back before Christmas, I was at lunch with the editors, publisher, and other writers for Today's Woman magazine here in Louisville. As we were introducing ourselves to the group, Marie Davis stated that she had a new book out! She said the title is Hey Diddle Diddle and added a few more words about the book.

Afterward I said to some friends, "Oh, my goodness. The way she expressed that made it sound as though this book is... what's the word? ... dirty."

"Oh, it is," they replied, nodding and grinning. "It's filthy."

"Funny and filthy," somebody added.

It's taken me a little while, but now you know about Marie's book. It's audio only, and you can order it directly from the publisher-- OR you can pick up a copy at the fabulous reading that Marie is putting together on March 6. I'll be reading, also, as will a number of other fabulous local writers -- and we'll have books for sale, too! More details will follow as the event approaches, but go ahead and put March 6 on your calendar NOW.

And while you're following directions, go purchase yourself a copy of Marie's book.

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