February 5, 2009

The Hat

Sometimes a postcard is more than just a postcard. Sometimes it's a celebration, like the ones for sale on cafepress displaying the hat Aretha Franklin wore when she sang at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. When she rose to sing that day, she proved what Louisville has known for generations: It's all about the hat.

The designer is Mr Song Millinery in Detroit, Michigan, Ms. Franklin's home town. Since the inauguration Mr. Song has been selling a hat similar to Aretha's, in satin rather than wool and with slightly different crystals, for $179. For the rest of us who won't be singing in public this winter, there are T-shirts, magnets, and more available at his cafepress store. Go buy yourself some, and send one to me.

Meanwhile, rock on!


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

I quite like this hat. It makes me feel bigger than my action figure.

Mary said...

I quite like it, too. I'm thinking of pronouncing 2009 the Year of the Hat. Louisville is already Chapeau City, thanks to the Kentucky Derby.