February 26, 2009

99 and holding

The number 99 must have mystic significance, because I paused in making It's Only a Book cards after completing 99.

More recently I stopped mailing cards on Postcrossing -- the international postcard exchange project that hit exchange number 2,000,000 yesterday -- once I mailed my 99th postcard.

Seems like I might have waited until number 100 to take a break, but my psyche wasn't operating in round numbers.

What was I doing? Slowing down, mostly. Giving myself a chance to catch up with what I've already completed and to choose either to continue or to wrap up one or both projects.

This morning I'm aware that I'm not ready to stop either one. There's more to do, more to enjoy, more to learn. And so I go, full steam ahead -- and I have the coffeetable to prove it.

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