January 31, 2009

They've invented a new kind of weather just for us

The National Weather Service is reporting the possibility of fog tonight. That's one of the few atmospheric condition we haven't enjoyed this week. But there's more! It may turn into freezing fog, which will give us more black ice on the roads and, no doubt, more weight on tree limbs that are already under great stress from the snow-ice-show load they're bearing. The winter sandwich shows up well on top of the red car in the photos -- three inches of snow, a half inch of ice, and three more inches of snow.

The mayor's held press conferences at ten each morning to update us on the storm situation. An LG&E (our utility company) representative said this morning that 172,000 homes were without power last night; that all of the crews, both local and the ones brought in from across the southeast, are working 18-hour shifts; and that this morning there were 172,000 homes without power. Trees continue to fall and to take power lines down to the ground with them.

I did see some blue in the sky today, at last.I also did hear that more snow is on the way.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Holy crap, look at that layer of ice in there! Astonishing.

Mary said...

I knooooow! Isn't that bizarre? That top layer of snow, by the way, melted, so now we have a solid lump of ice you can't stomp your way through while walking the dog. Even he, snowbaby that he is, doesn't like solid ice...