December 20, 2008

Busy as beavers on Beargrass Creek

The beavers are back in the part of Beargrass Creek that runs through Draut Park in St. Matthews.
I think the tree was supposed to topple over at this point. The beavers weren't counting on the surrounding trees foiling their plan.
So far I haven't seen the beavers, just the evidence of their presence. It's just as well; I hear they're mean if they feel threatened and also that they have strong teeth. Well. I guess that second part is obvious.
And here is the dam that their hard work has created.
And a close-up of the waterfall.

You do understand that we live in a city; that everything around us is built up; and that this is the same creek about which I do the sewage-in-the-water posts? I am often amazed at the intersection of humans and nature.

Or nature and nature, for that matter. I've had an email from my dad today in which he said there are no birds on the island, that they throw out bread for them to eat (as they have done in the winter for years) and the bread just lays there in the driveway for days. They also saw no raccoon kittens around this fall. The culprit? Most likely the bald eagles that nest on the island.

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