November 20, 2008

Fast Forward

I didn't make it to the social networking meeting the other night. I'm in the thralls of putting together a book project with Deb Engle, my friend from Des Moines, Iowa (the center of the universe).

I wasn't planning to embark on a book, but I got an e-mail from an old acquaintance a week or so ago. She's now development director for a publisher and asked if I was interested in doing a book on the spirituality of writing. Turns out I am. Deb and I did some workshops on this topic a few years ago, and I've given it thought, too, in the context of continuing ed classes I've taught and writers I've mentored.

I realized pretty quickly that the project would be more fun with Deb on board. I'm happy to say that she was agreeable. Publication was to be fall, 2009, but we were asked this week if we could finish the book in time for a spring release. (In this case, spring means Memorial Day). We looked over our notes, discussed the question at length, and decided that since there are two of us and we have solid material already at hand we can do so.

This project is interfering with NaNoWriMo, not least because before launching another project I must sort, toss, and file the papers, documents, photos, art projects that have overtaken counters, tabletops, desks, and a significant amount of floor space in recent weeks. I spent four hours at the task yesterday and have only just begun.

But this is how creativity works. Plunge in. Toss things up in the air. Keep everything in view until conditions warrant otherwise. Have a good time, too.

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