November 3, 2008

Catching Up

On Saturday, I decided I was not going to turn the computer on AT ALL on Sunday. I needed to see what life looks like without the glow of a screen in my eyes. And I was tired.

What, you may ask, have I been doing? Three gloriously creative endeavors. Which may also explain why I wanted a break.

Last week I got an email from Marcia, the development director at a publishing house, asking if I'd be interested in writing a book for them. As it happens, the topic is one that Deb Engle and I have done workshops on together in the past, with great success. So I called Deb to see if she wanted to do this project with me. (Yes.) Then I got a note from Marcia asking if I might could get this project done in time for a fall 2009 release. So then Deb and I burned up lots more cell phone minutes, and I talked with Marcia some more, and while we're still negotiating a few things, we're agreed the project has legs and fall 2009 is a splendid release date.

Meanwhile last week I was working on a 10-minute play. I finished it Friday-ish, but then I did some revisions, and then I called my friend Wendy (who's done a lot of theater and is also very smart) to see if she would please proof-read for me. She's a wonderful reader; she picked up on some inconsistencies and pointed out the confusing bits. One more round of revisions, and the play went in the mail Saturday to a national 10-minute play competition.

Meanwhile last week I was also working on a design to submit for the 2009 Gallopalooza exhibit. It's nearly finished. In fact, it may be finished, but I need to fret a little longer before letting go of it. I love what I've come up with and hope the committee approves it and that a sponsor likes it well enough for me to complete the project.

With no computer yesterday, I figured out that while zombies and art and writing and horses and books and theater are all invigorating, exciting, delightful pursuits, I couldn't put off getting the oil in my car changed any longer. So this morning I went to Midas. When I saw the sign reading UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT, I thought, "Hmm. I always liked the old management." I asked how long I'd have to wait for the 30-minute oil change. Ten minutes or so. Okay, then. I went next door to Burger King and wrote a letter to my grandson in the Navy. When I went back after 40 minutes, the car hadn't been touched. And then, fool that I am, I believed the proprietor when he said they'd get to it in . . . yes, ten minutes. The upshot is that I got there at 9:25 and left at 11:45.

Next oil change I'm going to Jiffy Lube. Jennifer, my daughter, says Jiffy Lube markets to women. How would someone do that, you ask. To begin with, when you arrive, they come out to your car, open the door, and ask how they can help you. They walk you in, show you where the coffee is, and check their records (if you've been there before) to see what your auto manual calls for. She said they've said things to her like, "The manufacturer recommends this replacement at X miles, but we've found that you can go another 10,000 miles without any problem. We can do it or not, whichever you prefer." And then when the job is finished, they walk you back out to the car and open the door for you. She's as crazy about these folks as I was about Dave Edwards Toyota in South Carolina, where they had a lunch counter with really good hot dogs; if you went on Wednesday you could get a free manicure; and everybody got walked to their car and had the door opened for them.

So that's what I've been up to. I'd like to pretend that I'm going to get the filing done this week while catching up is on my mind, but we'll have to see how that plays out . . . Hope things are good at your house, too.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Holy moly you've been busy. When you take a day off the computer, you get even more busy!

What kinda fuel you putting in that machine?


Anonymous said...

bmw caters to women too- they drop you off and pick you up from the mall when they're finished working on your car. they also cater to teenage sons- they give their mama's cute sports car to drive if they have to keep your car overnight. plus they have 100,000 miles or 10 year warranty- so you don't have to have any car conversations with your spouse---i may be in love.....

Mary said...

Fuel? Mary Flowers attributes it to zombie power...