October 17, 2008

shiver shiver sneeze snore

Fall is here, and so is the flu. The former has only just begun, while I hope the latter is on its way out. I've been mostly abed since Monday. This morning I awakened after my usual 8 hours of sleep -- surely a good sign after a string of 10-hour nights and 14-hour dozes.

If you're curious about this year's version of the flu, it's all about the aches. My head, my nose, my ears, my throat, my sinuses, and my chest all ached at one time or another and sometimes all at once. For days. My zombie training is standing me in good stead; I stumble around emitting the occasional low moan.

If my compadre and his coworkers are representative, the malady lasts 7 or 8 days, so I have a few more to go. Today's variation is that clammy thing -- similar to hot flashes but your skin stays cool. I'm always up for new experiences, but this is ridiculous.

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