October 24, 2008

Afternoon of the Living Dead

Koko came upon a zombie yesterday afternoon.
It might have been better if he hadn't disturbed it.
Watch out! It's moving!
Why is it looking at us like that?
It's coming this way! Run!

More zombies are available for your viewing pleasure in the production of Night of the Living Dead at the Iroquois Park Amphitheater in Louisville, Kentucky. Shows are October 26 - 28 and 29-31. Tickets are $22 for adults. Call Stage One DramaWorks at 502.498.2436 for more information or to purchase tickets.


Brian M. said...

Oh my gosh!!! That has to be the creepiest zombie I've ever seen!!! How do you make yourself look like that? My coworkers are either freaked out or they think it's "sooo cooool". One suggestion--I'd leave off the Aquamarine and diamonds--or at least put some blook on it!



Mary said...

Do you mean my Ceylon sapphire and diamond ring? I got bitten by a zombie at my granddaughter's wedding. Unfortunately, the attack zombie didn't say, "Would you please take off your jewelry before I bite you?"