August 14, 2008

Zombie University

I knew Louisville offered tremendous resources for learning, but who'd have guessed that Zombie University is one of them?

Stage One, Louisville's children's theatre, is putting on "Night of the Living Dead" (yes! that great movie) in October, and they're recruiting zombies for the crowd scenes. To qualify, you commit to attend classes to learn things like zombie make-up and movement, as well as technical sessions and performances. A front-page article in the Arts & Travel section of the Louisville Courier-Journal on Sunday brought would-be zombies leaping out of the closet to the phones to register.

I know, because I called Stage One as soon as I read the article this morning, and I'm on the wait list. In fact, even though Stage One increased the number of participants, the slots were all filled by noon on Monday.

This is the trade-off, isn't it, when you go out of town. You absorb all the opportunities offered in a new place, but sometimes you miss an amazing opportunity at home.

I'm fourth on the adult waiting list to attend Zombie University. Cross your fingers. To me it sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime -- or of a livingdeadtime.

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