August 14, 2008

Ground Hog Series - I

Ground Hog Series - I
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This beautiful photo is by professional photographer Beth Crawford. I'd never seen a groundhog until I was in Ohio this past week. Monday, driving from Seville to Miller's Boat Line in Catawba I saw a groundhog by the side of the road. Then while at the Thomas Edison birthplace, I looked out a window and saw a groundhog investigating the flowers in the back garden.

I pointed him/her out to the tall, wiry blonde man standing next to me. "It's good luck to see a groundhog," he said.

My cup of luck must be about to overflow, with two in one week.

If you're wondering how I recognized the groundhog when I'd never seen one before... Well, there are the annual photos of Punxatawney Phil revealing whether or not we'll have six more weeks of winter . But I also used the process of elimination. The animal was four times the size of a squirrel, half the size of a beaver, and nowhere near as ugly as a possum.

By the way, Beth Crawford's etsy shop is called tree candy. It's a good name for a shop that sells exquisite photos of birds (big ones and babies), butterflies, and other outdoor wonders.

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