August 7, 2008

Good Dog

The Good Dog and I just got home from a long walk. The heat finally at last thank you Jesus broke. The high today was only 85 F AND there was a breeze. A luxury indeed after the brutal heat of the last few weeks. We've had some rain, but it's been splotchy. Yesterday it was raining on Shelbyville Road (about two blocks from here), so I put the hanging baskets out so they could enjoy the rain. But it never came here.

Today the Good Dog was taking a nap and did one of my all-time favorite things. In the midst of the nap, he started wagging his tail, thumping it against the floor vigorously enough that I thought he'd awaken himself. I don't know if this is something Labrador retrievers (pure or mixed) are more prone to than other dogs, but don't you just love the thought of a dog so content that even in his sleep he wags his tail? Yeah, me too.

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