August 22, 2008

The Good Dog Is a Cicada Junkie

Koko's allergies are improved, and his ears no longer bother him, but walks now take an eternity. The other night I thought he was tracking a possum again. He sniffed every inch of ground. He circled trees and stared up into them. He was even pirouetting to stretch as high as he could into the tree.

The squirrels were all in bed by then, and skunks don't climb trees, so I thought it must be a possum. Except it wasn't. The next night I saw saw the object of his sniff sniff crunch behavior. Another cicada is gone forever.

Have you ever been to a huge cocktail party where two people plant themselves in front of the shrimp bowl, block everyone else, and stuff their faces? That's what the Good Dog is doing. He captures cicadas on the ground that have just emerged, and he snaps up cicadas clinging to the sides of trees. All the while his tail wags, gently, happily.

The cicada crop this year is exceptionally large. Lucky us.

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