August 1, 2008

Bloglines top 1000 and counting

I read through the bloglines top 1000 yesterday. No, I didn't make the list. (This is a building year for me.) And, no, I didn't click through to every single blog on the list. But I did visit several that sounded interesting. Note to self: names aren't by nature interesting blog titles.

If you've looked at the list and have some idea how their numbering system works, please let me know. It makes no sense. Granted, this is a beta site, with work still to be done. However, the problem seems to be arithmetic.

Here are some of the rankings and the number of their subscribers:

61 yarn harlot 10,499 subscribers
85 get fuzzy 12,257 subscribers
123 cute overload 3696 subscribers
181 tree hugger 8797 subscribers
315 gawker 5821 subscribers
659 pearls before swine 1384 subscribers*
781 a beautiful mess 657 subscribers
983 735 subscribers

I don't get it. Either bloglines means something other than number of subscribers when it says "top 1000", or it's so beta it's useless. Additionally, some blogs show up more than once, meaning the top 1000 is really the top 991 or so. It's a mystery.

*This can't possibly be an accurate number. Pearls before Swine with only 1384 readers? No way. It's the funniest comic strip ever. Pigs and crocodiles and zebras -- oh, my!

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