July 17, 2008

The Art of Menopause

Big happening in Louisville today. Huff Gallery at Spalding University is holding a reception for the artists who created Hot Flash Fan. This monumental feminist work by Louisville artist Ann Stewart Anderson and 50 local artists was facilitated by Judy Chicago.

I searched the web this morning for more information with little success. LexisNexis never heard of it, nor has findarticle.com. I finally checked the Spalding University website and tracked down an informative article and a stunning photo. Click the title of this post and you can see it, too.

Hot Flash Fan, according to the Spalding site, was one of the first works of art to address menopause. If we've come a long way, baby, it's because of the willingness of artists like Judy Chicago and Ann Stewart Anderson to stay in the kitchen and take the heat.

Okay, fine, they didn't literally stay in the kitchen. They went out and did their work, in the face of the inevitable scoffers and nay-sayers. Metaphorically, though, they took the heat, and I'm very excited to be the beneficiary.

I'm planning to take the good camera. I'm also planning to charge the battery first. I'll let you know how it all works out.

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