July 28, 2008

Blogging Blip

I was happy when blogger added a publish-later feature to the site a month or two ago. Some days I can write 20 posts -- more than anybody wants or needs. Other days, I never quite get a single posting finished to my liking. Blogger added a new feature to address the disparity. Now, when I write post 8 or 12 or 14 for the day, I can tell blogger exactly when I want it to be published... tomorrow, next week, next month.

All well and good. Except I tried the feature for the first time on Saturday, telling blogger to publish the photos of the airborne Koko on Sunday morning. I spent most of yesterday making art, except in the the evening when my compadre, Koko and I went to see a house the two of them would like us to buy. With one thing and another, it was this morning before I checked to make sure Koko's aerodynamic acrobatics were visible.

No Koko.

Yes, I read the instructions...but I'd read them when they were first published and remembered them not precisely the way they were written. The key is to remember that after you set the date of publication, you then must click Publish Post. Clicking Save Now instead sends the posting into Draft Land, where it will languish until you return and do the right thing.

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