July 29, 2008

Art for Lunch

Each time I put together one of my Make Words Not War cards, I revise my tactics. This time I glued the covering plastic down rather than machine sewing it, and I hand-stitched around the outside edges as added insurance. for the most part I mail these without an envelope. It's part of the mail art gestalt, to see in what condition an interesting piece of mail reaches its destination. I'll remail any that fall apart en route, and I'll use bubble wrap and an envelope to mail them.

Regarding the text of the card, I'd like to be ambivalent about the war in Iraq, but I'm not. I think the calls for an immediate withdrawal are poorly thought out. A quick withdrawal will, I think, result in carnage, atrocities inflicted on people who supported America's presence. Not the people who filled their pockets from the bales of American dollars shipped into the country. Certainly substantial amounts of that money were diverted toward covert American operations in other parts of the world but a lot of it disappeared into undocumented pockets. Those rich will survive, whether we stay or go. As always, it's the poor who are going to suffer.

Are we not to care?

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