September 1, 2007

Beargrass Creek Preserve Park

Beargrass Creek is constantly changing, and I've been taking a daily photo from the same spot on a bridge to document the changes. You can see the progression of the drought by noting the position of the 64 ounce Cuddly Soft detergent bottle that first appears in the August 2 photo.

July 29, 11:00 a. m.:
August 1, 8:30 a. m.:

August 2, 11:00 a. m.: August 5:
August 16:


SARA said...

Excellent photography and marvelous scenes. Kudos to the gentleman who took these.
all the best.

Brian said...

The gentleman who took these???

(And on a different note, the word I have to type into the "word verification" box is "pwyzazom". Pronunciation help?)