January 7, 2007

Fabric Valentines -- Instructions!

I'm donating these 4x6 fiber art pieces to the Heart-2-Heart project, an effort to collect postcard-sized fiber art to give to wounded military personnel at Walter Reed Hospital on Valentine's Day, 2007.
If the project receives more donations than needed, the extras will go to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio and to Bethesda Naval Hospital.
The free-form heart method is simple and fun. Here's how I did it.
1. Cut fabric into a 4 x 6 rectangle.
2. Fold the rectangle in half and cut out a free-form heart. Set the heart outside for another project. You'll be working with the 4x6 rectangle with the heart-shaped hole.
3. Place the rectangle on top of a piece of novelty fabric and move it around until you're happy with what you see inside the heart.
4. Use a glue stick, sparingly, to bond the two fabrics temporarily.
5. Cut away the excess novelty fabric.
6. Attach the piece you've created to batting with a wee bit of glue.
6. Stitch around the outside edge of the heart. I do this by hand, but you could also use a machine.
7. Add embellishments as desired.
8. Finish off the edges. I did bound edges, but as an alternative you can zig-zag or satin stitch around the edges.
9. Glue to a piece of card stock or other stiff material.

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Sandra said...

Great instructions and great postcards. Keep up the good work.