August 13, 2012

You may be a feminist if . . .

My friend Pat Jobe - preacher, poet, songwriter, and all around fine man - did a facebook post titled "100 Hundred Words on Oneness.  Now it's your turn."

I decided to participate.  Here's my 100 words.

Seeing the women win big
At  the Olympics and knowing
We did that.  We, the feminists working as one
For years in committees on phone trees on congressional visits on letters
At our home and at our meetings and
At our marches.
We, working, toward one goal: that our daughters
Our granddaughters, their granddaughters
Through every generation
Might stand on a stage, around her neck draped a ribbon
At the bottom of which dangles gold silver bronze and
Might hear “The Star-Spangled Banner”
Played for them.
If you love those strong be-medaled women holding nosegays
Thank one feminist tomorrow.


Susan said...

Having raised two strong daughters, I love it! Thank you, XOXO

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

You're welcome. It matters to both our strong daughters and the strong sons some of us have and others don't that we name the work that went before and the payoff. Weren't the Olympics astonishing this year? I hadn't watched since 2000 or so and was blown away by the strength and fearlessness of the gymmnasts.