June 18, 2012

The Art of Dailiness

 Paper Coterie has a sale going on for their new journals, which they're calling a Daily Documenting book.  Each book has two or three lines for each day, so that you can quickly jot down what was happening each day.  Great for people who don't want to journal but do want to keep track of what they've done in recent months.  The best part is that you can upload photos for the cover and to be sprinkled throughout.

I spent two hours making one for myself and then saved it.  I'll look at it again tomorrow and decide whether the photos I uploaded are the selection I actually want.  (Usually I start these things an hour before the final deadline; in this case, the sale continues for several more days.)

Nothing like a 40% off sale to make it worth my while to experiment with a new mode of uploading photos -- especially when I can fill my Daily Documenting Doohickey with iris after iris from photos I took this spring.

No products, services, payment, or financial gain of any other sort was provided for me to tell you about this deal.  It's simply a good excuse for posting an iris photo, or two, or three.

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