October 5, 2012

Fightin' Words

My gorgeous friend Lisa Creech Bledsoe, who started boxing a few years ago, has a new book out!  Not only that, you (and also I!) can download it for free.

I don't know how long that offer's good for, so I think we need to take advantage of this offer right now.

I'm going to interview Lisa this afternoon or tomorrow or whenever I recover from our Chihuahua jumping up and down on my chest this morning at 3:45 until I woke up and then continuing to jump on my chest (her front legs hit at throat level, her back levels at wow!-that-stings level) until I emerged into sufficient consciousness to realize she was thirsty.  (Usually she has a last drink immediately before bedtime, but I was exhausted last night and fell asleep before we achieved that step.)

Naturally the little bowl of water I keep near the bedside for such occasions was in the kitchen.  By the time I'd staggered down the hallway and found a bowl and run the water and carried it back to the bedroom without sloshing it all over my feet and listened to her lap it up for several long moments, I was too awake to go back to sleep.  Instead, I adjourned to the living room couch to read and listen to Koko, our yellow Lab, who's a talkative dog, carry on doggie-dreaming conversations, most likely with the black kitty that lives down the lane with whom he exchanged nose-touches every week or two.

As I was saying, go download this book RIGHT NOW, as will I. It's my first time booking it with pixels rather than air, so I'm pretty excited about stepping into the twenty-first century.

If you'd like, leave a comment for me to pass on to Lisa telling her how brilliant she is, or suggest a question for me to ask her when I get around to the (at the moment hypothetical) interview.

Now I'm off to scrub the pan in which I cooked incredibly yummy spaghetti sauce last night and that nobody -- not Laramie, our "wake up before I die of thirst" Chihuahua nor sweet kissing-kitties-in-his-sleep Koko nor The Tall Dude -- managed to put in the sink and fill with water, let alone wash, after I crashed into bed exhausted last night.


Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

I'm choking with laughter and sympathetic pain over Laramie's antics. And I'm totally distracted by the "Kissing kitties in his sleep" comment. I'm trying to see if I can get your blog posts by subscription, because I haven't kept up lately, and I may just have to put it in my bookmarks bar if I can't get it delivered every time to my virtual doorstep.

Thank you chica, for the post AND for you know, Laramie, Koko, Compadre and all. Zombies forever!

M said...

I knoooow! Animals are all slightly demented, each in her own way, or his. The bunnies in the neighborhood allow Koko to smell their heads and to sit quietly and watch their babies. I've got the Followers thing and the Networked Blog thing and the Subscribe to and the Follow by Email. Tell me what to add to make it easy for you to keep up. (Actually, I see yours sporadically on Networked Blogs; I saw the one today but have missed others.)
lovelovelove you

Susan said...

A good friend suggested I take up kick-boxing as a way to channel my anger over losing our daughter--I'm looking for a class near me. XOXO

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Susan, I hope you find one soon. Lisa's book makes it feel necessary.

Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

MJ, none of the options you mentioned actually deliver all of your posts by email to people like me who want to get them. What I'd love to see you install is a widget like this one: http://helplogger.blogspot.com/2012/06/how-to-add-email-subscription-form-to.html

And I'm hoping to find an envelope and a stamp SOON to mail you about about 50 fortune cookie fortunes, btw. <3 <3 <3

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Lisa, I did what you told me to do. (Wow, you've trained me well.) Let me know if it works, and thanks for telling me how to do it. xxoo

Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Have signed up for delicious goodness!

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Wooohooooo! Thank you, Lisa!