September 17, 2012

Tools! Gorgeous tools!

Danny Ayes, my British cousin who lives in Italy, posted this photo of his woodworking tools on facebook and had this to say:

"Woodcarving gouges, chisels, knives (can't see a few at the back, bleached out). I picked up a few more from Chesterfield flea market last time I was in the uk. Aside from woodcarving being a fun hobby in it's own right, there's hardly anything more aesthetically pleasing than a well-honed gouge. You only need one or two to get started, but it's not insane to collect loads of them, more likely to have one suitable for a given task. I guess I've got about 100, accumulated over 15+ years. (Grinling Gibbons is reckoned to have had about 300.)"

In the circuitous universe we inhabit, I'm blogging the photo because it's lovely and also because I can then post it on my Collections board on Pinterest - which Cousin Danny saw yesterday, after which he decided to take this photo.  Nice circle, isn't it?


Susan said...

I remember similar sets in my grandfather's workshop--a place I loved to go and watch him. Thank you for that precious memory, XOXO

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

You're welcome, Susan. Oh, so nice when wonderful memories are triggered by a sight like this.