September 9, 2012

Mrs. Limestone from flickr

RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (7 of 36).jpg by MrsLimestone
RavenDinnerPartyBrooklynLimestone (7 of 36).jpg, a photo by MrsLimestone on Flickr.

I love this idea, even though my handwriting is, shall we say, obscure.  Can you imagine doing a Christmas set where you wrote one plate for each of the last 6 /8/however many years?  Or an evening with Emily Dickinson.  Or -- wait, you're going to love this one!-- using one of the bad-ass comments from strong women at the Democratic National Convention (a list is making the rounds on facebook).


Susan said...

So funny, I'm just reading an article in the Seattle Times about finding art in your dishes--this photo constitutes that thought!

Mary Cartledgehayes said...

Isn't this wonderful? I'm not familiar with the pen she used and a bit unsure about what fumes might result from baking them in a home oven - but I'd love to make a set.